A new President and a coalition government for Lebanon

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Opposing Lebanese leaders, Wednesday, finally reached a deal to put an end to 18 months of political conflict by virtue of the Arab league’s intense mediation.

The Lebanese Western-backed government and pro-Syrian opposition signed an agreement after six days of talks under the auspices of the Arab league.

The Qatari Prime Minister, Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Al-Thani, who on Wednesday, announced that a deal to the Lebanese crisis had been reached lauded the successful six day mediation efforts launched by the Arab league.

The deal prioritises the election of army chief, General Michel Suleiman, as a new president as well as a coalition cabinet which allows the Hezbollah led opposition to excercise veto power. A ban on the use of weapons in internal conflicts was also reached.

Other agreements include; the enactment of a new law to separate the country into smaller and more manageable electoral districts and the removal of opposition protest camps in the capital, Beirut.

The Lebanese parliament is expected to convene in Beirut on Sunday May 25 to elect General Michel Suleiman.

Lebanon which has had no president since November, 2007, has been applauded by France, the US and Arab countries .

The political crisis has caused the death of dozens of people while thousands of families have fled the country.

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