Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s adoption case making headway

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Malawian High Court Judge Andrew Nyirenda, who is presiding over Madonna’s adoption case, has set Wednesday 28 May as the day he will pronounce ruling on whether or not to grant the singer permament custody of David Banda, the two-year-old Malawian todler she is adopting.

In a notice to Madonna and the Malawi Human Rights Commission’s lawyers, Nyirend a says: “I will hold court in my chambers on Wednesday, 28 May, 2008, to deliver ruling in the above-quoted adoption case.”

Madonna’s Malawian lawyer Alan Chinula confirmed the date. He, however, said the singer and her British film-maker husband Guy Ritchie are not required by law to be in court for the hearing. “We have been summoned by the judge to appear before him next Wednesday,” he said.

Justice Nyirenda is reviewing two reports compiled by Chief Social Welfare Officer Simon Chisale who was guardian ad litum (overseer) for the adoption.

Chisale wrote two glowing report, describing Madonna as a “perfect mum” for David, making Wednesday’s ruling almost academic.

When he ordered the two visitation on 12 October 2006, Justice Nyirenda said he will automatically revoke the temporary custody order if he is convinced David was being treated differently from the Ritchies’ other children, Lourdes and Rocco and that any of his human rights were being violated in any way.

Madonna found a then frail and sickly David at the Home of Hope Orphanage through Raising Malawi, the charity she founded for her Malawi cause.

She is currently funding six orphanages as well as her own outside the capital, Lilongwe, where some 4,000 children are getting some education and food.

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