Mugabe threatens US Ambassador and accuses Washington

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Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe Sunday threatened to expel US Ambassador James McGee, accusing him of interfering in the country’s domestic affairs.

Officially launching his re-election campaign, the Zimbabwean leader said the Ambassador had been actively supporting the opposition to oust him from power in a run-off presidential vote due 27 June.

Two weeks ago, McGee was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, and handed a protest note over his alleged involvement in local politics.

“I am just waiting to see if he (McGee) makes one more wrong step, he will get out. I will kick him out of the country,” Mugabe said.

“Ambassadors are supposed to act in accordance with certain principles. This is Zimbabwe, it is not an extension of America,” he said.

Relations between Zimbabwe and the US have been strained for years over Washington’s accusations Mugabe’s government violated human rights, and cracked down on political opponents.

Harare denies the allegations, instead accusing Washington of plotting to oust Mugabe from power to reverse his controversial land reforms. Panapress.

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