Gaza gets heavy food aid from Israel

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Optimism is high as a ceasefire brokered by Egypt between Israel and Palestinian groups in Gaza appears to be holding.

In a move to continue its efforts to maintain the peace deal, Israel is sending a number of supplies into Gaza Sunday.

An Israeli official said that 90 trucks would enter Gaza through the Sufa Crossi ng, an increase of 30 vehicles since the ceasefire began.

They are bringing in much needed supplies to Gazans who have lived inside an economic boycott put in place since Hamas took control of the small Mediterranean strip of land last June.

The Egyptian government has welcomed the move, saying it will go far in helping to maintain a tentative agreement that took months to garner.

The supplies include milk, fruits and vegetables and other food products. Other goods, like cement, are supposed to be allowed in 10 days after the beginning of the truce, Ghussen said.

However, concerns continue over the amount of fuel allowed to be sent into Gaza. Israel has cut the shipments of fuel as a response to attacks on Southern Israel from Gaza.

Palestinians are hopeful that if the ceasefire holds, Israel will renew its commitments to fuel.

The ceasefire between the Jewish state and Gaza came into effect Thursday and is set for a minimum of six months. Panapress .

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