Controversial film stifling Egypt – Iran relations

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The Egyptian government has summoned a senior Iranian diplomat in Cairo to explain an Iranian film that depicts the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, the foreign ministry said.

The official news agency MENA reported that Cairo called the head of Iranian interests in the country to account for the film.

The film has embroiled Egyptian sentiments although full details of the film’s content have been thus far unavailable. According to reports, the film “Assassination of a Pharaoh” has been shown on Iranian television.

Egypt and Iran had been moving toward full diplomatic relations after Tehran ended the glorification of Sadat’s killer, who many in Iran see as a hero due to Sadat’s peace deal with Israel.

The two nations have not had full diplomatic relations since 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran after Sadat hosted the deposed Shah in Cairo.

Egyptian government officials told MENA that the film would hurt the continued improvement of relations between the two nations.

“This film will affect any positive development on Egyptian-Iranian relations,” MENA said.

Egypt and Iran maintain interests sections in Tehran and Cairo and their ministers work together at international gatherings, but their senior officials do not often exchange discussion. Panapress .

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