Moroccan women : A step beyond women from other Arab countries

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The Moroccan government has decided to set October 10 aside as a national day for Moroccan women, an action that has been widely approved by women’s organisations. Moroccan women are advised to reinforce their rights and status in a modern society in which all efforts are necessary tools for growth.

This date marks his Royal Majesty’s speech on Oct. 10, 2003 in front the parliament where he emphasised on a new family code.

The code, unanimously approved by the Chambers of Parliament, highlights the importance of human rights and equality in accordance with Islamic faith.

October 10 of each year is to be set aside as a national women’s day. The day will commemorate women’s values and efforts made towards the laying of the foundations of an equitable society.

Human rights associations as well as associations specializing in women’s rights have approved the decision which they say is in line with universal principles as well as an important step towards modernity.

Morocco, considered a model state, has been praised by human right’s associations as being ahead of other Arab states, with respect to the freedom and rights of the woman.

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