Morocco opposes European immigration initiatives

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The Moroccan government recently asked from European countries to abandon their policy of return of immigrants and expressed its “total rejection” of a Dutch motion on the “dual nationality” of migrants.

The Moroccan position over the European migratory policy is already known and its response to the Euro-African conference on migration and development, scheduled for 20 and 21 October 2008 in the French capital, Paris, is in nature to reject the “dual nationality” of migrants.
In this perspective the Moroccan government calls on European countries to “abandon the policies of return of migrants and encourages, the so-called “circular” migration and the mobility of people.

According to this country whose nationals are established in large numbers in Europe, notably in Holland and Belgium, the old continent “must abandon the idea of returning” which is considered as a mean of promoting development and encourages circular migration and mobility of people to allow African migrants to integrate the European society and contribute to its prosperity.

The Moroccan government defends the interests of migrants at a crucial moment marked by controversy around the “return directive” adopted by the European Union which is preparing to implement a common policy on immigration called “the European Pact on Immigration and Asylum” that the 27 EU countries could adopt next October, in the French capital, Paris.
As for the Dutch immigration policy aiming at asking the Moroccan nationals residing in the Netherlands to abandon their original nationality, the Moroccan government strongly condemns any attempt at doing so for any citizens having chosen the old continent as destination.
Morocco which believes in the principles of human rights does not only defends its nationals living abroad but also Africans who face discrimination and difficulties in their attempt to integrate the Western society.

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