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According to the MIGREUROP’s report and press conference that took place in Paris this Thursday, 2012-11-09, five immigrants per day life-lost in 2011 in trying to reach the European territories. This same organisation’s report points on OTAN the responsibility for this human tragedy.

EU agencies promote Aquaculture to fight against hunger in poor countries.

Homosexuality: Tension between Cameroon and European Union

Firefox ranked most popular browser in Europe

Euro satellite for web connections launches

Citigroup fears new wave of eurozone bank failures

European artists depict religious figures as African

Snow wreaks havoc on European travel

Libya: Sudan president out of Africa-European summit

The Africa-EU Partnership must be enforced: What civil society expects of the Tripoli Summit

Sustainable environmental development in Africa gets international backing

Morocco to host World Economic Forum on MENA

Rwanda attracts mixed feelings over progress

Guinea-Bissau: EU and U.S. lose war against crime?

Zimbabwe: Diplomatic row begins after Mugabe’s funeral comments

Zimbabwe: Mugabe’s undiplomatic speech angers officials

Omar el-Bashir, a source of African-European conflict?

Ethiopia: European Investment Bank’s clarification of involvement in Gibe 3 project

Ethiopia allocated €15 million by EC

Libya and Spain discuss controversial immigration pact

Libya: Gaddafi coerces Europe

Fashionable burqas or a political statement

EU military in Uganda to train Somalis

Ethiopia: Election results causes international stir

Malawi could lose millions in aid after gay verdict

Cameroon: World leaders and Nobel Peace Prize winners debate Africa’s future

Africa’s cultural heritage treasure war with Europe

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