Kunyaza, the secret to female orgasm

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Experts confirm that 70% of women do not achieve orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. To help them achieve sexual satisfaction, Nsekuye Bizimana has decided to bring an african ancestral practice, known as “kunyaza”, to light. In “Le secret de l’amour à l’africaine » [the secret of african lovemaking] he reveals this ancestral sexual practice from the Central and Eastern African regions.

Nsekuye Bizimana is persuaded that Africa holds the key to female sexual orgasm. His passion for African sexuality has led him to the study of an ancestral sexual practice in his homeland, Rwanda, as well as Burundi, Eastern parts of Democratic Republic of Congo as well as the western parts of both Uganda and Tanzania. Having survived by virtue of oral tradition, “Kunyaza” is said to be so effective that most women do not only experience multiple orgasms but also ejaculation.

Nsekuye Bizimana gives a detailed account of Kunyaza with illustrations in his book “Le secret de l’amour à l’africaine” published in Germany where he is based and soon available in the United States. Nsekuya Bizimana, also the head of a kunyaza research institute, hopes that his book will shed more light on the “magical caress” around the world. Men have now no excuse to escape the total satisfaction of their female partners, 70% of whom – according to research – do not attain orgasm only by vaginal penetration.

Afrik-news.com : Tell us about kunyaza

Nsekuye Bizimana : The method involves an intense stimulation of the woman’s sexual organ. The man taps the internal area of his partner’s vagina with the tip of his penis either with vertical or horizontal movements. The male partner should concentrate on the clitoris area whilst tapping from left to right. Should the tapping prove painful, the area should be lubricated or wait until the vagina gets lubricated naturally. If the male partner does this well, his female partner should e able to get an orgasm in about five minutes.

Afrik-news.com : five minutes of « tapping », this should put some strain on the man’s wrist…

Nsekuye Bizimana : Both partners may take turns. The female partner can expose the vestibule to enable her male partner to access the most sensitive areas, including the woman’s protate, located behind the G point [urinary meatus]. By the way, it is more demanding for the man to perform cunnilingus than kunyaza ! The nape and the jaws tire easily.

Afrik-news.com : You also claim that Kunyaza can prove effective on excised women…

Nsekuye Bizimana : In most circumstances, only a small part of the female clitoris is excised. The internal part is preserved, as well as the urinary meatus, which is a very erogenous zone. So these women could be satisfied. We have the tendency of thinking that they cannot be satisfied sexually, whereas they can ! I have interviewed excised women who have confirmed that the kunyaza method works for them.

Afrik-news.com : kunyaza is also effective in cases of erectile problems…

Nsekuye Bizimana : Men suffering from mild erectile problems can still stimulate the woman’s sexual organ. And also by virtue of tapping, the man’s penis could stiffen and make penetration possible. I have come across several men who have also confirmed the effectiveness of this method.

Afrik-news.com : You claim that kunyaza could become as popular as the French kiss ?

Nsekuye Bizimana : When i was young, the French kiss was not very known. Only a few people practised it. But in recent times, most Africans practice the French kiss. About a hundred years ago, the French kiss was practised by a few persons even in Europe. This is prove that a method which produces good results spreads to the four corners of the earth. And as i am convinced that kunyaza is a good method, it is my belief that it will spread. With the release of the English edition next year (2009), more people will try and appreciate it, while word of mouth will do the rest. Kunyaza is also known and accepted in Namibia through an initial contact with Ugandans.

Afrik-news.com : You indicated that your kunyaza workshops are mostly attended by Europeans. How do you explain this trend?

Nsekuye Bizimana : I do not know exactly why Africans do not really participate in these workshops, i can only speculate. In my opinion, from what i have observed in Germany, many Africans are not interested in discussions nor political conferences. They are, more often than not, rather found at church praying. That is what i have observed. But i think that this will change as many people have ordered the book since the release of the French version.

Afrik-news.com : Any feedback from sex therapists since the release of your book ?

Nsekuye Bizimana : I am awaiting reactions from sex therapists particularly since i compared some of their recommended methods with kunyaza. Sex therapists have not really made any headway in the area of female orgasm. I think my book will help people more.

Afrik-news.com : What was your publisher’s reaction prior to the book’s publication ?

Nsekuye Bizimana : They were impressed and found my advice very helpful. My publishers have already published several books on sexuality, such as books from the famous French therapist, Gérard Leleu. This is to say that they are masters in the field.

Afrik-news.com : Besides kunyaza, do you know other effective African methods that could enhance female pleasure ?

Nsekuye Bizimana : No. If i did i would have written about it.

Afrik-news.com : Is your work feminist ?

Nsekuye Bizimana : It does not advocate activism per se, but rather a problem, that of female sexual satisfaction which i try to answer. I simply want women to climax when they make love.

Afrik-news.com : You would like to conduct a kunyaza study at the Institute for Sexology and Sexual Medicine in Germany to prove the effectiveness of this method. How do you plan to finance this project ?

Nsekuye Bizimana : An example of research works given priority in Germany include sexual diseases or psychological problems associated with paedophiles or rapists. They do not really know sexual methods but they will get there. It will take some time for the book to arouse general interest there but i think the French will take an immediate liking to it. I will therefore be looking forward to some financial support from the French.

Interview conducted by Habibou Bangré and Translated by Theophilus O’donkor

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