Mauritania : catastrophe ahead if deposed President is not restored

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Mauritania’s future, — after the August 6 coup that brought to power a ‘High State Council’ made up of 11 officers led by General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, — has become a matter of concern as the US government, following EU’s decision to freeze it’s non-humanitarian assistance, in an uncompromising message, insisted that the deposed President Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi should be restored to power.

The message, delivered to Aziz Friday by the US state under-secretary for African Affairs, Todd Moss, also called for dialogue to find a broad-based solution to the Mauritanian political crisis “that may negatively impact on the partnership and good security relations between the two countries”.

The US has strongly condemned the coup and announced the freezing of their non-humanitarian assistance to Mauritania.

Noting the risks of international isolation of Mauritania, the daily Biladi said that “for the first time ever, the country may be considered plague- stricken among the committee of nations […] two fields of action should be seriously and strictly developed: diplomacy and communication” to lift Mauritania from its bad patch.

Dismissing as a “catstrophe” the coup against President Sidi Mohamed Ould Sheikh Abdallahi, the weekly Le Calame believes that leaving Mauritania to its fate would not be a good idea.

On its part, the state-owned daily Horizon devotes a large space to the various shows of support for the junta across the country and sees them as “a sign of Mauritanians’ adherence to the rectification movement”.

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