Africa to Europe by Sea : The dreams of a dead immigrant

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He sold all his belongings and sent his wife and children to the village. The plan was for him to smuggle into Europe through Morocco. He had been assured that once he crossed into Almeria, he would declare himself a refugee. And once he had gotten a refugee status, he and his family would bid poverty, bye bye.

His wife brought down the walls of Jericho that night in an intercessory prayer for her husband. Later that night the man consulted the native herbalist for otumokpo, a potent juju that would protect him in his quest. He left for Morocco.

After several hideous months in Morocco, he was able to secure a boat trip across the Mediterranean: a fishing vessel known as Cayucos. They had spent a week on the sea already. The journey so far had been a hassle. Those who had died of hunger, thirst, hypothermia or exposure had been thrown overboard.

On the 13th day, calamity struck, just when the port of Almeria was visible.

According to the Red Cross, hundreds of African migrants are believed to die at sea while attempting to enter Europe. Sometimes survivors are rescued by chance, sometimes it is always too late. These migrants leave the west African coast and attempt the treacherous crossing in the search for greener pasteurs.

In the beginning, they only dared to cross the Strait of Gibraltar to get to the Spanish mainland. But a serious crackdown prompted the Arab traffickers to move operations to countries such as Mauritania, the new launching point for much longer voyages to the Canary Islands. Spain has again increased its efforts to prevent illegal immigration to the Canary Islands, signing cooperation and repatriation agreements with Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Mauritania, Gambia, Guinea, Mali and Ghana. It has also increased air and sea surveillance of the African coastline, which has led to a significant decrease in the number of people attempting to make the journey

have however taken their businesses to the shores of Italy and other European countries by the mediterranean.

Only a week ago, up to 35 African migrants died after spending three days at sea while attempting to reach Spain. Twenty-five survivors were rescued from the vessel after a cargo ship crew spotted the vessel drifting in the Mediterranean. The survivors were picked up just south of Spain’s Almeria province and taken to the port of Malaga.

The story of the man who had left his family in hope, was now narrated by a survivor. The man on a quest had become spiced by the salt of the meditarranean and served cold to the fishes of the sea. The survivors after medical care were returned to their countries within 48 hours. And the mans wife and children may still be fasting and praying, awaiting daddies call, that he is in Europe and the Euros are raining down on him.

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