FIFA boss wants a better promotion for World Cup 2010 in South Africa

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After a four- day visit to South Africa, FIFA President Sepp Blatter has appealed to South Africans to promote the 2010 FIFA World Cup more strongly, within and outside the country.

Despite showering praises on the developments so far, Mr Blatter said, promotion is all that is demanded at the moment. He called for South Africans, Africans and the rest of the world to jointly promote the soccer event coming in 2010.

Mr Blatter was also confident that South Africa would host a good event. He said that the guarantees and assurances that were given by the political authorities had convinced him that the FIFA World Cup will be a great success. ‘The FIFA World Cup will be good for the credibility of this great country; South Africa will be an even prouder nation after having hosted this competition.’

He also praised the warm welcome he and his officials received, as well as the strong support demonstrated by political and sports authorities, the Local Organising Committee (SALOC) and South Africans themselves with their spontaneous cheers.

The visit included, amongst others, meetings with the President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, the SALOC board of directors and CEO Danny Jordaan, and the South African Football Association President Molefi Oliphant.

South Africa is renowned for having hosted world events with distinction and promised to continue with the trend by making the FIFA World Cup in 2010 the best the world has ever seen.

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