Egyptian tycoon goes to court over Lebanese star’s murder

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The trial of Egyptian business tycoon and politician Hisham Talaat Mustafa for his alleged involvement in the killing of Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim in Dubai will begin 18 October, the Cairo Criminal Court reported.

According to Egyptian prosecutors, Mustafa allegedly hired a former Egyptian police officer to murder Tamim in her apartment.

Mustafa, the former chairman of Egypt’s largest real estate developer Talaat Mustafa Group and a member of the country’s ruling National Democratic Party, has been charged with paying Mohsen Al Sokkary US$2 million to kill his estranged lover.

Tamim had reportedly ended a three-year affair with the business tycoon before leaving Egypt for London and eventually Dubai.

Al Sokkary has been charged with murder. If convicted, both could face the death penalty.

Unlike other judicial systems, this case will not be determined by a jury, but a panel of three judges.

Egyptians are skeptical about the country’s judicial system, arguing that wealthy and powerful businessmen are able to get away with crimes due to their influence in party politics and with judges themselves.

Since Mustafa’s arrest, Egyptians have been calling for justice. Panapress.

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