European tourist kidnappers killed

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Six of the kidnappers who seized a group of European tourists in Egypt last week have been killed by Sudanese forces in a high speed desert chase but the tourists themselves remain in captivity in Chad.

The killings take place as talks persist for the release of the hostages. An $8.8m ransom has however been demanded of the German officials by the Kidnappers.

The 11 tourists who are now hostages in Chad consist of five Germans, five Italians and a Romanian. Also in captivity were eight Egyptian. The Two suspected kidnappers taken into custody have admitted that all the hostages are unharmed. They confessed to being involved in the kidnapping of the tourists and their guides, who were on desert safari.

Reports also claim that the group leader of the kidnappers, a Chadian named Bakhit, was among the dead.

The recovered vehicle of the kidnappers bore Egyptian registration plates and belonged to an Egyptian tourism company. The vehicle had been full of weapons including RPGs and documents from the Sudan Liberation Movement about how to distribute the ransom when received

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