The origin of AIDS

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All of the attempts to date the origin of AIDS prior to 1960 are essentially propoganda inspired by funding from the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

Edward Haslam’s reaction to AIDS, an avatar of colonialism…

These quasi-scientific efforts are an attempt to lead the trail of responsibility away from a secret US government laboratory located in New Orleans that used radiation in the early 1960s to mutate monkey viruses in hopes of developing a vaccine to counter a cancer-causing virus that was discovered in the polio vaccine.

The recent attempts to date HIV-1 to the 1920s, and now the 1880s, are mathematical regressions models which show how long it would take nature to accomplish what a linear particle accelerator accomplished in a single afternoon. They are not based on any real physical evidence and are completely contrary to the trail of evidence collected by the world’s most respected laboratories. That’s why the Pasteur Institute called it “new” around 1990 after they found the virus in a 1976 French citizen who received a blood transfusion in Haiti.

Worobey’s unnamed associate is Dr. Hahn, who discovered HIV-1 in 1984 chimpanzee cells from Coulson laboratory, but she was unaware that Coulson had been infecting his chimpanzees with HIV-1 since 1981.

The mathematical regression is done at Los Alamos national laboratories by a computer expert trained in weather models.

Anyone looking for more information about this, may please contact me. I don’t think you are getting the real story here. And I think people who follow AIDS in Africa have the right to know.

For more details read the book DR. MARY’S MONKEY.

Health file  The lack of education and political will, poverty, out-moded traditional beliefs, to mention but a few, have been widely blamed for causing severe and sometimes unwarranted health catastrophies of genocidal proportions on the African continent. Child killer diseases, malaria, tuberculosis, water borne diseases, HIV/AIDS, among other preventable ailments have killed millions in their wake. As rightly said by the former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, on May 13, 2000 "More people (...) died of Aids in the past year (1999-2000, ndlr) in Africa than in all the wars on the continent".
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