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The lack of education and political will, poverty, out-moded traditional beliefs, to mention but a few, have been widely blamed for causing severe and sometimes unwarranted health catastrophies of genocidal proportions on the African continent. Child killer diseases, malaria, tuberculosis, water borne diseases, HIV/AIDS, among other preventable ailments have killed millions in their wake. As rightly said by the former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, on May 13, 2000 "More people (...) died of Aids in the past year (1999-2000, ndlr) in Africa than in all the wars on the continent".

Avian flu back in Egypt and Asian countries

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Swine flu in Southern Africa and a Zero preparedness

Swine flu: All eyes on an unprepared South Africa

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South African swine flu cases: "No need to panick"

Swine flu alert: Can Africa cope with a pandemic?

Zambia: Withdrawing 5800 health licences to save lives?

Cigarette smoke harmful to kids and kills one out of two...

Zambia records falling rates in HIV related deaths

Sexy campaigns for gay men in South Africa

South African children to get expensive new vaccine

Disturbing UNICEF report: 4m children died in 28 days

A promising vaccine against malaria in the offing

New distressing cholera figures released in Zimbabwe

Unaids releases briefs to better protect youth from HIV

Student deaths caused by botulism in Uganda confirmed

New meningitis vaccine provides long-term immunity

Fear of cancer as fake cigarettes hit Nigerian market

US company GE embarks on a multi million healthcare project in Africa

Incense use and cancer

Africa capable of research and development of drugs

The origin of AIDS

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Sickle Cell, the black African blood heritage

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Looming medical doctor shortage threatens Africa’s future

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