Sudanese president still legally free

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As a result of insufficient evidence to indict the Sudanese president on war crimes, and crimes against humanity, the Judges at the International Criminal Court have withheld an arrest warrant against the Sudan leader.

It is reported that the African Union and Arab League agree with the Sudanese government that an arrest warrant on the president could endanger the peace process in Darfur.

The president has however denied charges labelled against him amid accusations of having armed the Janjaweed militias blamed of widespread atrocities against civilians in Darfur. His government is said to be lobbying to delay any investigations.

Up to 500,000 people have died and about 3 million people forced from their homes during the five-year war in the Darfur region of Sudan.

Chief prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo had however been given a month to provide the additional evidence needed to arrest the head of state.

The president commenced a new proposal to bring peace to Darfur on Thursday, but the insurgents and resistant parties did not participate. The spokesperson of one of the strong militant groups said the move was an attempt to outwit international justice by the president.

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