Greece to extend residence permits for foreign students

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In a bid to increase internationalization and promote a multicultural state, the Greek government has moved to increase the residence permit for foreign students in the country.

Reports in Greece claim that students with a four year study schedule will be given an eight year residence permit. The decision is expected to encourage foreign students to graduate and hopefully work and reside in Greece to contribute their education and acquired knowledge to the Greek society.

Prior to this impending development, foreign students in Greece only received an extra three months residence permit after their four year education.

Speaking with some foreign students in the Athens Metropolis about the development, many said it was a positive development especially for the Greek society. For most of the foreign students interviewed, many of them would rather move elsewhere to work, for the sheer reason that “there aren’t ample opportunities in Greece”.

The UK, the US and France have become very multicultural and diversified due to the convergence of ethnicities which has in a way bolstered economic and social development in many ramifications and the Greek society is seeking to follow suit.

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