World Festival of Black Arts (WFBA)

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The third edition of the World Festival of Black Arts (WFBA) has been scheduled for December 2009, Dakar. This rare theater gathering will bring together prominent artist, musicians and custodians from all parts of the globe, especially from Africa.

The third edition of the World Festival of Black Arts on the theme “African Renaissance’’(WFBA) is an initiative of president Abdoulie Wade of Senegal. The program is geared towards the remobilization of the cultural diversity of Africa and the diaspora as part of efforts to promote and preserve the spirit of long lasting development in Africa and the world at large. jpg_peq12240029341.jpg

The objective of the WFBA cultural theatre is to examine the cultural heritage of the black world with special reference to Africa in terms of material and immaterial formats, to reaffirm the role of artists and intellectuals in the African Renaissance, to promote the spirit of better protection and the wider distribution of artistic and cultural works of the black world, to also celebrate the intellectual, artistic and literary identity and creativeness of the creators of Africa and the diaspora, to offer conditions of expression to the creative artists of the black world.

The platform will encourage them to unite together in a way to help them make their contributions to the implementation of the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD).

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