Moroccan biennale bridges a severed cultural gap

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The Moroccan capital, Rabat is hosting, 17 to 28 March, the first international biennale theatre with participants from several countries including France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Georgia, Turkey.

The principal aim behind this cultural festival, under the theme: “If politics divides art unifies”, is not only to open Morocco to different cultures but it is also part of a plan to preserve and consolidate Moroccan identity while making the world understand that the country is deeply committed to the values of peace and tolerance.

Exposing his views on “understanding and mutual respect”, the theme’s main focus, President of the biennale, Abdellatif El Messnaoui Nassib, expressed “hope that this event will enable participating countries” to express their “differences and similarities in an atmosphere of brotherhood and friendliness”.

Advocating for the elimination of political pressure in the cultural sphere, Molenion Jose from Spain and Richard Martin from France, also indicated that their desire to bring the two shores of the Mediterranean Sea together is to help break the cultural nescience that has plagued the world due to the clash of civilizations.

According to organizers, this event is also necessary to allow the Moroccan theatre to be oriented on a qualitative path while promoting the cultural heritage of the mainly Muslim country as a bearer of positive human values. “If politics divides art unifies” seeks to bridge the ever widening gap between the historically similar cultures of the Mediterranean and the rest of the world.

It must be noted that almost all the participating countries were once part of the roman empire.

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