Zimbabwe: Uranium behind N. Korean president’s visit?

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Robert Mugabe has met with the rogue president of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea (DPRK), Kim Yong Nam, his military Generals and Intelligence chief in Harare.

The rogue DPRK leader was accompanied by his army Generals, Intelligence Chief and other military operatives.

Job Sikhala, the leader of the anti-Mugabe camp in the MDC has issued a 48-hour ultimatum to the DPRK President of the Presidium of Supreme People’s Assembly of the Democratic Republic of North Korea Mr Kim Vong Nam to leave.

Political commentators on Tuesday said the meeting raised eyebrows considering that North Korea was in the middle of a nuclear dispute with Western nations.

North Korea is well known in Zimbabwe for the training of 5 Brigade army regiment which killed so many people in the Matebeleland province in the 80s.

“Kim Yong Nam arrived in Harare today and went to the state house to meet with President Mugabe,” a top official said.

Zimbabwe has had cordial relations with the DPRK since the country’s liberation struggle.

Former ZANU-PF secretary general, Edgar Tekere was once dispatched during the liberation struggle to seek arms but the weapons were not delivered although the DPRK had undertaken to provide them.

The visit to Zimbabwe by the top North Korean official has raised questions in the diplomatic circles. Zimbabwe is believed to have uranium deposits in the north of the country around the Zambezi escarpment.

It was not immediately clear whether Yong Nam will meet Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and other senior government officials.

Zimbabwe government in the past years embarked in the Look East policy after falling out with western governments over the country’s human rights records and holding fraudulent elections.

Embarking in the Look East policy government is yet to receive any notable financial assistance from the East.

Since the formation of the unity government Zimbabwe has been requesting the West to help provide funds to mend the infl ation ravaged economy.

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