Do we need Aliens to achieve World Unity?

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Unfortunately, the common good of humanity has always been hampered by divided religious views, cultural views, political views, race, ethnicities and gender. Since the beginning of time, humanity has suffered wars, enslavement, repression, suppression, abuses, attacks and genocides: all for economic gains, superiority, class divide, and selfish interests. And because division amongst the human race has often stemmed from the ‘Us versus Them’ mentality, the thought of world unity being dependent on the emergence of Aliens seems to strike a chord.

History has shown that humankind unites when there is a common enemy, common threat, or common gain in a backdrop of competitiveness. From the dark ages up until the present age of enlightenment, humankind has recurrently operated under the ‘Us and them’ mentality, sometimes for the best of intentions, and sometimes for the wrong reasons. Every group claims to be in the right and in the know of the truth. Instinctively, every human group seeks to strengthen and protect the good, the truth and the light that they claim to possess. Sadly these interests have been pursued through actions that, dominate, abate, degrade or devastate humanity as a whole.

Now, tangible progress has been made towards unity and acceptance of human diversity, but the pursuit of equality, fairness, and oneness has failed to replace the seemingly intrinsic tendency to divide and compete; and the decimation of the other for fear, aggression, greed, domination, and even the desire for justice for past violence has continued to plague humanity.

When Aliens land their space ship in the sky and yell from the clouds, ‘surrender to us you divided Earthens!’ perhaps the human race will have the epiphany to unite themselves as the ‘good breed’ against the ‘bad bred’ Aliens that threaten the human race. Instinctively, humans, despite their notion of disparity will view the Aliens either as inferior to the collective human race or as the manifestation of evil beings, and thus fight against their domination, in order to preserve or enhance humans, perhaps at the expense of the Alien, revitalize, redeem, and save earth.

Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Man, Woman, Able, Disabled, Gay, Straight, Muslim, Christian, Sunni, Shi’a, Jew, Gentile, Zionist, Arab-Muslim, West, East, and every disagreeing sect of people will no longer rest on the basic distinction and division that has kept humanity divide when Alien life emerges and threaten earth, human authority and interests.

Declaration of World Unity

Does humankind really need Aliens in order to achieve cooperation, connection, and compassion? According to a Declaration of World Unity, published by Kevin Reid on November 3, 2007: For humanity to move forward successfully in the 21st century, a spirit of unity must be cultivated within the hearts of all nations and people. A foundation must be laid that will allow each nation to grow and prosper individually, but also collectively within the context of an interdependent global community.

A successful future for all nations and people depends upon strengthening the bonds of our commonality as human beings, while honoring our differences. To create a healthy global environment for all nations to overcome the struggles they face, we must recognize that all have erred, all have faults and none are perfect, yet each has cultural gifts to share. Let us recognize and value those gifts. Let us celebrate the wealth of our diversity and strive to learn from each other and help one another in a spirit of openness, understanding, trust and respect. It is most unfortunate to imagine that only an Alien threat to earth could possibly cause the divided world to unite and cooperate for the common good of all humankind.

If Aliens never show up, the human race must realize that each group is sacred, special, wounded and hurt; that each group has a piece of the truth and the un-truth, a beam of light and a patch of darkness, and that the ability to achieve peace, fairness, equality, dignity and survival depends on the recognition that the human race faces the same rigors of life together, under the sun, with the pursuit of peace, tolerance and acceptance; unity rather than threat, love rather than hate, integration rather than fragmentation and destruction, humanity does not need Aliens to achieve world unity.

On April 22, 2009, the United Nations General Assembly officially on the International Mother Earth Day, called on States to cooperate in a spirit of global partnership to conserve, protect and restore the health and integrity of planet Earth and its inhabitants.

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