2010 «Fashion Ghosts» Spring-Summer Collection by Imane Ayissi

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Imane Ayissi brings the question about the vitality or death of fashion to the fore as he launches his 2010 « Fashion Ghosts » Spring-Summer collection. His collection, born out of sheer inspiration that stems from the ever-present ecological and globalization challenge, transcends the usual melange of Western and Asian flares. It is intertwined with a statement from Africa, his motherland.

Fashion has taken various forms and shapes since its less than humble beginnings between the 15th century, in the dukedoms yards of Burgundy and Berry, and the middle of the 19th century in Paris. Fashion has notoriously drawn its inspiration from the divers cultures; American, Asian and African, in its search for new silhouettes.

In recent times, the fashion tempo has accelerated and yet managed to bring back to life all the different periods of its history all at the same time. Obsolete forms such as Haute Couture cohabit with more modern and fast mass-market prêt-a-porter brands as fashion designers from all over the world break their backs to find that unique and personal touch.

In this given situation one may wonder if fashion still exists or whether it kicked the bucket a long time ago, bequeathing us with a hovering shadowy legacy, a ghost that satiates our world of make-believe.

Bringing this restless ghost back to life entails facing the realities of contemporary fashion head-on by tackling the environmental challenge, the impact of globalization as well as a balanced and fair development for all.

With this 2010 « Fashion Ghosts » Spring-Summer collection, Imane Ayissi asks the question of fashion’s vitality or death with respect to the ecological and globalization challenge as he invokes a melange of Western fashion and inspirations from the African continent, where he was born, as well as Asia.

Draped forms, couture details and craftsmanship, light and transparent fabrics, contemporary forms reminiscent of a vanishing Africa, embody this collection. Imane Ayissi’s 2010 « Fashion Ghosts » Spring-Summer collection is made entirely from organic cotton from Avanti, Japan.

Imane Ayissi’s jewellery was made by the « Namayiana », a Maasai women community in Olosho-Oibor, Kenya, with the coordination of Ann Mc Creath (Kikoromeo).

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