Uganda first lady urges men to embrace family planning

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Janet Museveni and Michelle Obama
Janet Museveni and Michelle Obama

The biggest ever international family planning conference yesterday night opened in Uganda’s capital Kampala with over 2000 delagates from all over the world participating. The conference is sponsored by Melinda Gates Foundation based in USA.

During the opening remarks, the 1st lady of Uganda, Janet Museveni urged men all over the world not to abandon their wives during pregnancies or after childbirth. She also advised men to support their wives in using family planning methods.

Janet Museveni said, “Men should always support their wives at all times. They should not only particiapate at the time of conception but also during pregnancies and after giving birth”.

The opening ceremony was spiced by the organizers showing a video message featuring American billionaire, Bill Gates, who sponsored the conference, advising people to practice family planning because it contributes to the reduction of both maternal and infant mortality. He also pledged to continue supporting family planning programmes.

United Nations Population Fund senior official, Dr Werner Haug said that family planning is a very importnat aspect in today’s life.

Werner said, “One of the biggest success in 20th century is family planning. Currently 63 per cent of women in the world use various family planning methods. In 1960’s only 20 per cent of the women in the world were using family planning methods. The use of family planning saves over 2.7 million lives each year”.

He however said that 200 million women in the world lack access to family planning services. But his organiazation, according to him, is doing all possible to close the gap between those who use contraceptives and those who don’t.

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