Prostitution : Yasmine: Sex, Islam and White overalls

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Yasmine, the head of a pornographic production company and a young actress, talks to about her porn star past and explains her choices. An encounter.

Paris — Sporting a fitted black raincoat, Yasmine sits poised behind a table in a café and blows puffs of smoke while staring nonchalantly into space. A waitress tiptoes behind her paying attention not to disturb Yasmine’s reverie. “A glass of Sauvignon, please,” she orders as she rests her cigarette on the ashtray before her. Her makeup is discreet and her clothes are businesslike, a far cry from her porn star reputation.

A common young woman

Brushing away a lock of hair from her forehead, Yasmine declares, “People sometimes judge me and insult me because of my job. But I’m a balanced woman. Even if I am a Muslim, it doesn’t prevent me from being a porn star and from loving my job!”. Growing up as a teenager on the outskirts of Lyon and raised by a very observant Muslim family, the young woman of Moroccan descent had not as much as dreamt of one day becoming a porn star.

“I received a very strict upbringing. My parents didn’t want me to go out, so I stayed at home and did what was expected of me,” she recalls. About her childhood and teenage years she will not say more. It must be her sense of modesty. At 18, after her high school diploma, Yasmine said goodbye to her family home. She worked as a waitress to pay for her nursing studies. “I didn’t go out much at the time. I almost had no friends. I was alone in my own world,” she recalls.

White coat and black latex

Then, at 23 she meets her first love and lover, Alex. The young man introduces her to libertine clubs: “an unknown universe”. “We never talked about sex at home, it was a taboo. The first time I had my menstrual period, my mother slapped me,” she reveals. Yet for Yasmin, being Muslim and loving sex has never been an antinomy. “Arab writings are full of erotic scenes. I do what I love. And if I have to justify myself, it’s only to God!”, she defends. A nurse in white overalls during the day, a libertine in a sexy negligé at night. A double life she “fully assumes”: “I wasn’t ashamed of what I was doing. In fact, the only uncomfortable thing for me was to go out with a guy without being married .” And yet, Yasmine did not tell her family about her night activities and her lover. “They wouldn’t have understood: a religious issue,” she says.

Star system

And one day, she saw an ad in a magazine that read: “A small production seeks couple for pornographic scenes”. Yasmine jumped on the bandwagon. More opportunities came her way after that with a TV station making a documentary about her. “I thought about it for a while before accepting the deal as I knew that my parents would know about it,” she says, nervously lighting up an other cigarette. Since that day, Yasmine has not spoken to her family, except to her sister who “she sees from time to time.” “I had to make a choice and that’s what I did,” the actress explains.

She later became the famous producer Marcel Dorcel‘s muse and worked with the biggest names in the porn production, swapping her nurse outfit for wild lingerie. Among her movies: Fuck VIP Cockaine, Yasmine at women’s prison and Yasmine: sex for cash.

After an international career she decided to end her porn acting career in February 2009 to dedicate her time to more traditional films as well as producing her own pornographic films. “I wanted to leave in full glory,” says she.

Yasmine plays a liberated woman in Danielle Arbid’s Homme Perdu and a prostitute in Oliver Marshall’s MR 73. “These characters are like labels,” she states amusingly. It is 10 pm. Her mobile phone rings. Yasmine has to leave. It is time for her to join her fiance.

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