Alerted on the subject of prostitution among Africans, a growing trend in Europe and Africa, by various groups, Afrik decided to react. The following articles highlight not only testimonies on female prostitution but also child and male prostitution.

DRC: Prostitutes claim their rights

Prostitution : Yasmine: Sex, Islam and White overalls

Kenya: Male prostitution and Mombasa’s beach boys

Mali’s prostitution gold mines a transit point to Europe?

Congolese sex workers attacked for infecting Ugandans with HIV/AIDs

Globalization: Learning English for sex in Nigeria...

I am a dying African bestial porn actor stranded in Europe

Prostitute! Forced sex through Africa to Europe on a bus

Secrets of prostitution in an Islamic Kingdom

Sex Poverty and HIV/AIDS on a Caribbean Island

Zimbabwean wives during the day Botswanan prostitutes at night

Sex within and without the confines of Islamic laws in Kano

Bareback sex against the not so ‘sweet’ rubber in Nigeria

Several Policemen caught in a credit sex scandal with protitutes

Ghana: Story of a child sex worker


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