Madagascar: Rajoelina vents his spleen at the EU

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The Malagasy Government has requested support from the European Union (EU) to hold general elections this year. This decision was taken without first consulting or establishing a consensus government with the opposition. In response, the EU has threatened Rajoelina’s government with “targeted” sanctions if it does not respect the agreements concluded with the opposition.

In a press release last Friday, the High Transitional Authority (HAT) of Madagascar noted “with regret” a resolution adopted by the European Parliament condemning the current regime in Antananarivo.

“The resolution passed by this honorable assembly is all the more regrettable as it has been taken in view of false, misleading and outrageous allegations conveyed by groups that are hostile to the holding of elections, hostile to the Malagasy nation as they demonstrate their capacity to harm in order to protect their personal interests,” wrote the HAT.

The High Authority of Transition, chaired by Andry Rajoelina, also suggested that the rules governing democracy would allow for “for a right to speak” or “thorough investigations” before such “unilateral resolutions” are arrived at.

In another statement released the same day, the HAT received and accepted the resignation of Ny Hasina Andriamanjato, Vice Prime Minister for Foreign Affairs. This departure from government can only be linked to the current tensions between Madagascar and the European Union.

Early February, the HAT decided to seek support from the European Union to hold general elections this year, 2010. According to the Rajoelina’s government, it is the only way forward to bring an end to the crisis that has held the vast Island hostage since Februray 2009.

But the EU has indicated that it would only support elections held by a consensus government, while threatening the HAT with “targeted” sanctions, if it does not comply with agreements concluded in Maputo, in August 2009, under the aegis of the international community, to end the crisis.

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