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UN Police Commissioner extols community-police relations, hands over three new police stations to Liberia National Police
The United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) through its Police Commissioner, Mr. Gautam Sawang, yesterday handed over three newly constructed police stations to the Liberia National Police (LNP) to help it fight and prevent crime. UNMIL Quick Impact Projects programme provided funding for the police stations which are located in Monrovia suburbs of Pipeline, Caldwell and part of central Monrovia.

UN Police Commissioner Sawang praised efforts being exerted by both the LNP and communities aimed at joining hands to providing security. "I am very happy to know from community leaders that the LNP has been serving the people and the communities accepting and supporting the Police in its work". This, he noted was demonstrated by the provision of land for the construction of the police stations, thus enabling the LNP to serve the communities. He expressed happiness that Liberia is progressing on the right path.

"It is only with the assistance and help of the communities that the Police can do its job. So I want to urge the communities to come forward and help the Police to help them", the UN Police Commissioner emphasized. He expressed optimism that this relationship between the communities and the police will continue, noting, "without the assistance and support of the community, you will not be able to serve the community; and unless you the communities support and help the Police, they will not be able to serve you".

Addressing LNP commanders and officers, Commissioner Sawang urged them to be professional as they deliver services to the community. ?You are here to serve the public; you are expected to be fair and impartial, and your positions demand you set a fine example and be role models for the younger members of your communities?, he said.

Receiving the keys to the newly constructed police stations, Liberia National Police Inspector-General, Marc Amblard thanked the UN and international partners for the support the LNP continue to receive to ensure that it delivers to the Liberian people. Mr. Amblard praised the fine working relationship with the UN Police, adding that, "they have been very helpful and supportive in developing police stations throughout the country. ?We are trying to get more into the communities than just being on the main road", he said.

Addressing community members, Inspector-General Amblard commended them on their involvement by providing the land, "meaning that you take your security seriously and you have made your contribution; and it is only right that we make ours".

Community representatives attending the hand-over ceremonies expressed thanks and appreciation for the level of support provided the LNP by the Liberian government, the UN and other partners to make it more functional. "This is creating the basis for security in the communities and easing security problems", the community residents said. They appealed for logistical support for the police to assist it curb criminal activities, stressing the need to make the police mobile with vehicles. The community leaders noted the cordial working relationship between the community and the police and pledged to continue supporting and assisting the police make their communities safer.

Source: Mission of UN in Liberia



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