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Innovation in Uganda: Professional Development that Makes a Difference
Social enterprise, PEPAL, in collaboration with LSE, brings its Innovation Programme to sub-Saharan Africa. Professionals from across the globe will be paired with partners from Ugandan non-profit organisations to devise new, market-driven approaches to HIV, malaria and women’s health.

PEPAL has teamed up with the London School of Economics and Political Science to launch its Innovation in Uganda programme. Professionals will work with Ugandan non-profit organisations to develop business projects that impact the lives of women, children and marginalised communities.

The programme starts in July 2010 with an intensive seminar delivered by LSE Professor of Innovation & Management, Harry Barkema, during which participants will develop their initial business ideas. They will then work together, remotely and face-to-face, over eight months to refine, test and implement their projects before coming together again in Kampala, Uganda in March 2011.

Despite strong economic growth and the discovery of oil, a third of Ugandans live in poverty. NGOs provide 40% of the country’s health services and employ some of its most talented people. Innovation in Uganda will pair these gifted individuals with private-sector professionals so that they can work together to find new approaches to HIV, malaria and women’s health. Together the participants will make a real difference on the ground whilst gaining new skills and insights.

Julie Saunders, Pepal’s Executive Director comments: "We’re looking for professionals from across the globe to join the Innovation in Uganda programme. Our experience in India demonstrates that even if it’s your first time in a developing country, so long as you’re committed and bring solid professional experience, you can make a real difference and gain a great deal"

Innovation in Uganda builds on the success of Pepal’s existing programme in India. Banu Golesorkhi, participant of Innovation in India comments, "Thank you for opening this world to me ... It’s all thanks to Pepal’s vision that we are going through this amazing journey." Fellow participant Dr Rath from LEPRA India’s Eye Hospital, Orissa, adds, "I have been on many training courses but this is completely different ... I’m very excited to be here."

About Pepal

Pepal was set up in 2009 to bring business skills into the developing world. Pepal is supported by Fondation Hoffmann and also has programmes with Gallup Europe and INSEAD.

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