Treating vulva infections or vulvitis

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Does your little girl complain of itching or pain when urinating or during the day? Is her vulva red and inflamed?

Take her to the doctor straight away as she may have contracted vulvitis. But don’t worry, it is a harmless infection.

Such inflammations are common in young girls because their vulval and vaginal mucosa are thin and more vulnerable due to the absence of pubic hair.

In addition, the proximity of the anus favours contamination by germs found in the intestine. And when playing during the summer, young girls can easily become infected by sand or dirty soil.

Infectious in origin, vulvitis is common in children who wear nappies too. It can also be associated with both an excess or a lack of hygiene.

To avoid such problems, here are a few simple tips:

 first of all, put your daughter in underpants made of cotton… and change them at least once a day.

 Make sure she is washed every day but don’t turn it into an issue.

 After going to the toilet, always wipe her from the front towards the back. If you teach your daughter to get into this habit herself from an early age, it will stay with her for life.

 Finally, never leave her uncovered when she is playing on the beach or in the garden.

 If she sits on the ground she is likely to suffer from irritation very quickly.

 And always rinse her off well in clean, fresh water after bathing in the sea or playing on the sand.

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