Medically assisted procreation on the rise

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Medically assisted procreation (MAP) is on the increase. And according to an international study, between 219,000 and 246,000 children are born worldwide thanks to the benefits of medically assisted procreation or MAP!

This is a remarkable development as between 2000 and 2002, the number of MAPs rose by 25%.

An international committee coordinated in France by Jacques Mouzon of INSERM (the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) looked at data gathered from 1,500 clinics in 53 countries.

According to researchers, the growth in the number of successful MAPs corresponds to a rise in activity in the majority of countries.

In France, 53,000 procedures were carried out in 2002, resulting in 11,184 births, which represents a 5% increase compared with the year 2000.

However, considerable disparities were observed between western Europe and developing countries, states INSERM.

The use of MAP varies from two attempts per million inhabitants in Ecuador to 3,688 per million in a country like Israel.

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