Green tea may not help protect against breast cancer

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It seems that the anticancer properties of green tea may be nothing more than a myth. Researchers in Japan have shown that this plant has nothing to offer in terms of preventing breast cancer. They claim that there is no link between drinking green tea and any protective effect whatsoever.

For years, studies carried out in vitro and on animals suggested that green tea could help protect against breast cancer, explains Professor Motoki Iwasaki of Tokyo. However, he wanted to clear the matter up, and conducted a study involving no fewer than 54,000 women who were monitored over the course of five years.

In Iwasaki’s study, 12% of women drank less than one cup of green tea per day and 27% drank more than five. This is a very significant difference, yet no difference was reflected in terms of the risk of developing breast tumors. Indeed, no difference was found between these two groups of tea drinkers at all. The author of the report therefore concludes that there is no correlation between the risk of developing breast cancer and drinking green tea.

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