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Trace amounts of the radioactive element iodine-131 from the Japan nuclear disaster have been detected in South Florida, but authorities say the concentrations remain far below the level that would present any danger.

Japan tests food, seawater for radiation

Japan rebuild expected to last five years

Smoke fumes from 3rd Japanese nuke reactor

Leak spreads from second Japanese nuke facility

Fear of rising radiation levels grips Japan

Travelers stranded by Japanese earthquake

Japan faces post-tsunami nuclear crisis

Japanese phone makers adopt Android

Recalls cause Toyota profits to plunge

Toyota recalls 1.7 million cars over fuel leak

Green tea may not help protect against breast cancer

Toyota pays US $32.4 million in fines

Japan reveals military plan in Djibouti to fight Somali pirates

Sudan: Japan Emergency Grant for Referenda

Japan tames Cameroon

Ivory Coast: Chelsea’s Didier Drogba out of 2010 World Cup

Activities of the Japanese Election Observation Team for the General Elections in Sudan

Japan: Exchange of Notes for Grant Aid for the United Republic of Tanzania (the Project for Widening of the New Bagamoyo Road [Detailed Design])

Japan-Kenya: The Project for the Construction of Nairobi Western Ring Roads

Exchange of Notes for Environmental Program Grant Aid for the Republic of Malawi

Japan: Exchange of Notes for Grant Aid for the Republic of Burundi through UNICEF

WiMax: Revolutionizing mobile phones and internet access in Africa

U.S. dollars and a world of proxy cocaine users!

Japan and China in Botswana follow French example in Niger?

G20 finance ministers aim for an action-oriented summit

Japan’s unprecedented move to fight Somali pirates

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