Smoking tobacco roll-ups more dangerous than cigs

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As everyone knows, smoking is bad for your health. But smoking roll-ups is even more harmful than smoking commercially manufactured cigarettes. They contain record-breaking amounts of nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide. In fact, if they were sold as cigarettes, they would be banned in most countries precisely because of their high levels of toxicity, even though, at first sight, blond roll-up tobacco gives the impression of being lighter than other tobaccos.

In truth, that is not the case at all. Smokers are deceived by the thick smoke this tobacco gives off. Most believe they are dealing with a product that is healthier precisely because it is less industrial. This is a serious mistake, because when smokers inhale roll-ups, the amount of nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide produced during combustion is between three and six times higher than that produced by industrially manufactured cigarettes.

The tar content of a roll-up can be as high as 13 to 14 milligrams when using fine paper, and as much as 16 grams with thick paper. This amount is well in excess of the 10 milligrams allowed for commercially manufactured cigarettes. Such concentrations would be unthinkable in manufactured cigarettes because they are subject to a series of rigorous controls. When it comes to controls, roll-up tobacco is obviously in a different league altogether.

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