Exercise has varying effects on sleep habits

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Common knowledge says that the tiredness caused by exercise will help us sleep better. It can, but it’s important to know how to go about it, because the effect it has on sleep will vary depending on when you exercise.

Exercise does indeed help to promote good sleep, but it must be done at a steady pace and be of average intensity. Endurance sports are the best. A little running, cycling, swimming, or just a walk after eating will help to regulate blood pressure, clear our heads and get rid of stress. All this is of great benefit when it comes to sleeping.

To make sure our favorite activities becomes aids to reparative sleep, we need to choose the time we exercise carefully. Exercising too late will release endorphins; blood pressure and body temperature will rise, and stress will increase. It will take about 90 minutes before this stimulation subsides. If possible, try to exercise in the morning or afternoon.

Also, avoid eating immediately after exercising. Eating a heavy meal will only make sleeping more difficult. Before going to bed, try eating something light and sweet. This will help to relieve stress, provide a good night’s sleep, and prevent low sugar levels during the night.

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