Facebook, the new health hazard…

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A group of scientists have recently put a forward a theory that seeks to prove a correlation between some ailments and social networking sites like Facebook.

Some Italian scientists have recently put forward a theory that Facebook® could lead to asthma attacks. This surprising finding is one that should perhaps be taken with a pinch of salt.

The only case studied by the Italian researchers relates to an 18-year old asthma sufferer who had been dumped by his girlfriend and was therefore depressed. Which is only natural.

After “breaking his heart”, the young lady had also excluded him from her list “of friends” on Facebook®…

As a result, the desperately enamoured young man created a false identity for himself to enable him access his ex-girlfriend’s Facebook profile in order to remain in touch with her.

However, an unusual breathlessness was triggered when he saw a picture of the young lady on her Facebook page causing his concerned mother to seek medical help!

The young man was asked to wear a mask to measure his breathing rate when he went on Facebook. The results showed a 20% reduction each time he connected.

The doctors concluded that the unfortunate young man was suffering from asthma attacks although the “attacks” totally disappeared once he decided not to go on Facebook any more.

Or at least, refrain from approaching pictures of his former girlfriend. Out of sight, out of mind.

However, Dr Gennaro D’Amato from Naples is sticking to his guns. “Social networks in general can represent a new source of psychological stress and aggravate the condition of certain depressed asthmatics.”

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