You and your bad breath

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Do you find that your breath is not very fresh or perhaps you suffer from really bad breath? It’s important to remember that halitosis is often associated with oral disease. To get rid of unpleasant mouth odour, it is essential to eliminate whatever is causing it.

Around 80% of cases of bad breath originate with oral problems. In fact, the bacteria responsible for halitosis proliferate wherever there is tooth decay.

Periodontal disorders also cause large interdental spaces where food debris can accumulate, thus “feeding” these bacteria. To get rid of these unpleasant odours once and for all, make sure you go and see your dentist regularly.

To keep your breath fresh throughout the day and to avoid oral disease, you need to practise good oral hygiene. By brushing your teeth three times a day you will get rid of most dental plaque.

And get into the habit of brushing your tongue too. But … don’t use your ordinary toothbrush. There are brushes available today specifically for cleaning the tongue with silicone bristles.

And remember that smoking, drinking alcohol or coffee and eating foods such as garlic, onion and spices make it harder to keep your breath fresh.

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