Prostate cancer: What is the best fight?

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Is it possible to ward off the risk of death from prostate cancer by taking regular exercise?

According to certain American doctors, walking, running, cycling, or even simply gardening for 15 minutes a day is sufficient to improve a patient’s general condition.

The authors of this study measured the impact of exercise on 2,700 men suffering from prostate cancer.

Generally speaking, and unsurprisingly, they observed the benefits of exercise to general health and this was true at even very accessible levels of activity.

Which is why they are encouraging their patients to walk, pedal or run, if only for 15 minutes a day.

However, it seems that more significant benefits are observed with 3+ hours of exercise per week, which is only around half an hour a day.

The risk of premature death fell by 61% among patients who exercised “energetically” for more than 3 hours a week, compared with those who did not exercise for more than an hour a week.

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