Childproofing the kitchen is essential

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For children, every room in the house is a playground and ripe for exploration, and the kitchen is no exception. But with all the risks of cuts, burns and poisons, this “playground” can quickly prove to be a minefield.

From a very young age, young toddlers start reaching out for things. And as they grow taller, they manage to get hold of things and put them in their mouths. To avoid any drama, you will need to redouble your efforts when it comes to common sense and accident prevention.

Your child will most certainly have noticed the utensils you use when cooking. And he will feel a great temptation to grab hold of dishes or objects positioned above him, especially if he is hungry.

So don’t leave your child alone in the kitchen.

Turn the handles of saucepans and frying pans towards the center of the cooker or hob. Also don’t forget to unplug and put away electrical equipment immediately after use.

Take care never to leave sharp or blunt, heavy items within a child’s reach. Ideally, these should be put away in drawers fitted with child safety locks.
Think carefully about the places where your child might lean or rest – an oven door is just one example. Explain that the oven gets hot and can burn; fitting a grill or some other form of protection over the door is a possibility. Cookers and ovens fitted with thermally insulated doors are available.

Detergents and other cleaning products often come in colors or shapes likely to arouse a child’s curiosity. To avoid all danger of poisoning, keep such products in a separate place and out of reach. Be especially careful with caustic substances; these are best kept locked away. Cupboard doors can be fitted with safety locks. Finally, always choose products with safety-lid containers.

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