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Increasing civilian casualties in the conflict between Libya’s government forces and freedom fighters has led observers to classify Libya as the next Sudan. Authorities say the situation in the oil-rich North African nation demands the international community to intervene and save innocent civilians.

Ethiopia: African Union summit not in danger, says official

Australia preparing for more floods

Australia and New Zealand: Where are the natives?

Yannick Koffi, the 11 year old musical genius

Koalas face AIDS threat

Cameroon DR Congo plane crash victims found

World Cup: "Australia will fight" warns Ghana coach

Guinness World Records challenged over Moroccan flag stunt

Australian minister for foreign affairs Stephen Smith visit to Botswana

Zimbabwe: Australia’s new selective policy is Zanu PF focused

South Africans up in arms over new controversial Caster Semenya claims from Australia

Australia will bail Zimbabwe out on one condition

No list yet for US led anti-pirate force, but Australia wants in

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