Chadian rebels withdraw from N’Djamena

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Chadian rebels withdraw from N’Djamena

The Commander of European peacekeepers in the region, EUFOR, General Jean-Philippe Ganascia says the deployment of the peacekeepers can resume on Wednesday since the rebels have withdrawn from N’Djamena. EUFOR troops will be deployed in Chad where they will protect Sudanese refugees and displaced Chadians in the eastern part of the country. They will be based in six camps – N’Djamena, Abeche, Goz Beida, Iriba and Farchana and Birao in Central African Republic.

Meanwhile, the Belgium ministry of foreign affairs says it has submitted the names of 50 Belgians in Chad, most of who work for NGOs, international institutions and the private sector, to the French ministry of foreign affairs responsible for the evacuation of foreigners for assistance. A French official statement has confirmed that five Belgians evacuated from N’Djamena arrived in Paris on Sunday night. An undisclosed number of Belgians left N’Djamena on Sunday by road to neighbouring Cameroon.

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