Drug traffickers hold Guinea Bissau hostage

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Flag of Guinea-Bissau
Flag of Guinea-Bissau

Secretary General of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), Koli Kouame Tuesday described Guinea Bissau as a country completely abandoned by the international community and taken hostage by drug traffickers. Speaking at the launch of the INCB’s annual report, Kouame said his institution had noted a rapid development of drug-related criminal organisations in Guinea-Bissau. He explained that it was not about pointing a finger at a country, but rather drawing the attention of authorities and the whole of the international community to the situation in Guinea-Bissau. “President (Joao Bernardo “Nino”) Vieira asked at a meeting why so much is being said about his country. “My answer is that the country is abandoned and corruption is rampant. Drug traffickers always look for countries with the least economic cost for their production,” Kouame added. The INCB boss said a regional approach would be a good thing for West Africa to effectively control the scourge and called for the setting up of a sub-regional cooperation arrangement among the various services involved in narcotics control. Panapress.

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