FIFA to declare racially abused teams match winners

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Flag of the United States
Flag of the United States

FIFA president Sepp Blatter, Sunday, expressed his intention to intensify his fight against racism in football, by deducting points from clubs whose supporters have committed racist acts. Sepp Blatter made this known in a determined speech to eradicate racism in football at the general assembly of the International Board (a committee that makes and enforces rules and regulations for football). “ that is the only way to eradicate the problem and make people understand that this behaviour is unacceptable” he said. “i’ll even go further by declaring the team whose player suffers racial verbal abuses as match winners” he added. According to the FIFA boss, no matter the scoreline at the end of a game, victory must be accorded to the team that undegoes racial abuses. “If this is not done, we will never free ourselves of racism” he insisted.

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