British divided over Dwain Chambers issue

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Caribbean islands
Caribbean islands

Following a two year ban imposed on Dwain Chambers from competing in athletic competitions after he was found guilty of doping and eventual return to win a silver medal at the international indoor championships last week where he set a new personal best record of 6.54 seconds for 60 metres, BBC sport embarked on a poll to find out if people still have faith in results of Olympic events. 58 per cent said they had lost faith to 20 per cent who said they had not. 41 per cent said Dwain should be allowed to compete in the beijing olympics while 49 per cent are against.(he has been banned from the olympics by the British Olympics Association). 40 per cent think the present 2 year ban is enough, 34 per cent want a lifetime ban, 18 per cent favour a 4 year ban. BBC

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