Mauritanian police arrests terrorist suspect

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Flag of Mauritania
Flag of Mauritania

Mauritanian security forces Monday arrested an Islamist terrorist suspect, Sidi Mohamed in the Teyarett community (Nouakchott northern suburb), security sources told panapress Tuesday. Sidi Mohamed was said to be a specialist in making explosive belts for terrorist attacks, a method highly used by Islamist terrorists for several years. Wanted in connection with a massive hunt against violent islamists, the alleged terrorist had been hiding in a house in the Teyarett community since 7 April when violent clashes erupted between the loyal forces and a group of terrorist suspects in a district in the north of Nouakchott. Mauritania has witnessed several terrorist attacks over the last six months. Addressing the people in Rosso (200 kilometres south of Nouakchott, in the River valley) on Monday, President Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi denounced the terrorist acts that have tainted the image of islam in Mauritania.

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