Kruger Park in South Africa now a poaching ground

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Flag of South Africa
Flag of South Africa

South Africa’s world famous Kruger National Park has become a hot spot for the poaching of mammals, according to the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and Tourism. The Ministry revealed here that over the last four years, at least 44 white rhinos and 31 buffaloes were killed by poachers. In total, 249 mammals were killed by poachers in Kruger during this period, it said.
There was admittedly a meaningful drop in the number of animals reportedly poached in 2007, compared to the previous years, but these figures remain disturbingly high, especially for white rhino. The Ministry has also revealed the extraordinarily high levels of poaching of marine species in the Table Mountain National Park. The figure increased over each of the last three years to 8,665 in 2007.

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