Over 1000 illegal Chadian immigrants repatriated from Nigeria

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Flag of Nigeria
Flag of Nigeria

The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) Sunday repatriated 1,200 Chadians after they entered Nigeria illegally and settled in several border communities, the private Guardian newspaper reported Monday. The illegal immigrants from Chad took advantage of the porous border between their country and its huge, South-western neighbour (Nigeria) to enter the country and settle in Wuli, Gulfo, Amsoboru, Abbari, Silga, Jilbe and Kumaga in Kala-Balge local government area of North-Eastern Borno state. The sudden influx of the Chadians overwhelmed the council authorities. ”In 24 hours of their arrival in Kala-Balge, all foodstuffs available in the affected villages were consumed,” the paper quoted Gambo Jarawa, an aide of the state governor, as saying. To check the influx, the NIS has dispatched a team of its border officials to the major border communities for ”effective monitoring and control”.

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