Malawians fleeing xenophobic attacks in Jo’burg land in Zimbabwe

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Flag of Zimbabwe
Flag of Zimbabwe

A group of Malawians fleeing xenophobia attacks in South Africa has arrived in Zimbabwe, police said Wednesday. Police spokesman Oliver Mandipaka said the group, made up of 12 people, arrived in Zimbabwe on Tuesday and was being sheltered in a camp. Mandipaka said the group had fled xenophobia attacks sweeping South African cities and was en-route home. “We can confirm receiving the Malawians on Tuesday and we have since communicated with that country’s authorities on their return home safely,” he said. Mandipaka did not say where the group was being sheltered, or its condition. South African gangs, angered by growing unemployment and rising cost of living, have gone on a rampage, attacking foreigners whom they blame of taking up jobs and pushing up prices of goods and services.

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