Man jailed for selling urine as cooking oil

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Flag of Zimbabwe
Flag of Zimbabwe

A man in Zimbabwe has been jailed two years for selling urine to desperate housewives as cooking oil which is in short supply in the country. Piccard Mudzingwa, from the central city of Zvishavane, packaged urine into cook ing oil bottles and sold it at local markets, misleading buyers that it was the scarce commodity. But his luck ran out 16 May when one of his customers, Abigail Shereni, discovered the fraud and got him arrested. Local magistrate Loveness Matione sentenced the fraudster to two years in prison for the crime, which shocked the small mining city. Cooking oil, like most basic commodities in Zimbabwe, is in short supply because of a slump in agricultural production and manufacturing. Most basic foodstuffs are now imported from neighbouring countries.

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