Al Quaeda accuses Egypt and calls Hamas to bomb Israel

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Flag of Egypt
Flag of Egypt

Ayman Zawahri, Egyptian-born second in command at Ossama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network, has accused Egypt of assisting Israel in its economic blockade against the Gaza Strip. Zawahri said in an audio message last week that Cairo was maintaining aid to the Jewish state. The Al Qaeda leader claimed that Egypt was not doing enough to help their fellow Arabs, and called on the North African nation to step up efforts concerning the plight of Palestinians in Gaza. Egypt sealed its border with Gaza one year ago after Hamas took complete control of the small Mediterranean strip in street battles with fellow Palestinian party Fatah. “A kinsman from Gaza is refused entry, while an Israeli tourist is allowed to come in without a visa,” said Zawahri, who has been in hiding for years since fleeing Egypt. Zawahri called on Palestinians to escalate rocket salvos and other attacks on Israel, “as there is no solution but this.” In recent months, Al Qaeda has been publicly stating its solidarity with Palestinians in a move that many analysts argue is a means of recruiting in the West Bank and Gaza. Bin Laden has long stated that his organisation was in full support of Palestine .

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